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How to Align your Life to its Natural Flow and Nature

You are a cyclical being perfectly aligned with the cycles of nature, and you experience inner shifts as the outer world changes around you. When you are in harmony with your body, mind and soul, your inner world effortlessly matches the outer.

For example, the Winter season allows you to pause, rest and reflect. You naturally become more introverted and less active when it's colder outside. The challenge is to pause when the modern world constantly demands action, productivity and results. But the secret to tapping into your best creations and prosperity is aligning your life with your inner and outer seasons. In other words, you become more connected to your soul's desires and nature.

In contrast, life becomes more challenging when you go against your natural flow. Like Mother Earth, your body requires the winter phase to regenerate itself and evolve.

After returning from Egypt in October, I began working on a new project that fills my heart with joy and inner peace every time I sit down to work on it. But as the winter season approached, my energy and inspiration to create started to diminish. Life has taught me a lesson - patience and trust in divine timing. Deep inside my soul, I know that my inspiration and energy will return stronger if I surrender to my inner and outer seasons. If you are experiencing a change in mood or energy, don't worry! It's just a Season. Surrender to it!

Need some help to go through a difficult time with grace and ease? ⤵️

In this guided meditation, I guide you on a beautiful journey to release suppressed emotions, negative feelings, and old memories using the powerful affirmations in this meditation.

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Light & Love from Hawaii,

Katherine 🌷

Soul Mentor & Spiritual Teacher

Honolulu, Hawaii


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