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My Most Valuable Insight for Emotional Distress and Spiritual Awakening

I've recently come to realize that the journey of spiritual awakening often comes hand in hand with waves of emotional awakening – sudden surges of feelings inviting us to surrender to the wisdom of the heart and trust that what rises to the surface is ready to be healed and transformed.

Navigating these emotional waves can be daunting and overwhelming, especially when life throws unexpected (not to say unwanted) situations our way – affairs, breakups, loss of loved ones, career shifts, or even the excitement of new beginnings!

We often suppress or ignore these overwhelming feelings because we haven't been equipped with the tools for emotional intelligence. It's not something we learned in school, nor is it a topic that was openly discussed by our parents, right? So, what are we supposed to do when our foundation collapses and we feel lost?

Well, my best advice for beginning to cultivate emotional intelligence and becoming the driver of your life (rather than allowing an unbalanced emotion to drive you) is to give yourself permission to feel any and all emotions without judgment. Then, take conscious actions to bring any disrupted emotions back into balance, if necessary.

We were given an emotional body for a reason - to process the lessons that our souls came here to embody. It's not our physical or spiritual body that is the vessel for our spiritual awakening, but the emotional body. It's through the wisdom of the heart that we rise and evolve.

So, don't shy away from the sudden surges of love, anger, or sadness. They're your portal to deep healing and spiritual growth. You just need to learn how to navigate them from a higher perspective, utilizing practical tools like meditation and seeking support before these feelings take control over your life and turn into depression, compulsions, or even cancer.

Please honor your feelings and reach out for additional guidance and support, if needed. If you need a boost of self-awareness and clarity on your path, a coaching session can help you identify immediate priorities and help you feel much lighter, uplifted, and centered.

Other ways to work with me:

  • 1 Day Private Retreats & Healing Sessions (long-distance sessions available)

  • 3 Day/5 Day Private Retreat with accommodation (limited-time winter discount available now)

  • March 2024 Women's Retreat (early registration discount ends soon)

  • Sacred Ceremony with Plant Medicine (group sessions available)

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With love and gratitude,

Katherine 🌷

Self Development Coach | Spiritual Teacher | Master Healer

Honolulu, Hawaii


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