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Private Sacred Ceremony 

Experience the gentle yet profound power of Ceremonial Cacao & Sacred Hapé in a safe, intimate, and cozy ceremonial setting.

Embark on a journey deep into your inner self, guided by the ancient wisdom inherent in plant medicines and Mother Earth's nurturing energy.

In this sacred space, you'll encounter feelings of unconditional love, protection, and a profound sense of connection—to yourself, to nature, and to the universe. You may also experience profound healing, and expansion of your consciousness without altering your state of consciousness.

Please note that we do not work with or recommend any plant medicines other than Ceremonial Cacao and Sacred Hapé. Learn more about Plant Medicines HERE

 2 Hr Ceremony 

Spiritual Journey with Cacao & Hapé 

A deeply relaxing and nourishing experience designed to guide you from from the realm of your thoughts into the depths of your heart and soul.


Ceremonial Cacao serves as a potent catalyst, gently opening the heart to facilitate healing and emotional release. Meanwhile, Sacred Hapé offers a transformative journey, elevating consciousness and fostering clarity.

During your ceremony, you will also embark on a Sound Healing Journey designed to harmonize your energy and promote inner balance. Receive personalized Spiritual Guidance to deepen your connection with your inner wisdom and align with your soul's path.

This holistic experience is designed to nurture profound healing, spiritual growth, and a renewed sense of connection to your soul.

Option to elevate your experience with a uplifting 15-minute Reiki Session for only $48.

Elevate your vibration


$368 + tax


(+ $88 per extra person)

Some Benefits of Sacred Medicines

  • Facilitates heart opening and healing processes

  • Clears emotional and mental blockages

  • Soothes a restless mind

  • Elevates overall vibration

  • Enhances focus and clarity

  • Harmonizes emotional states

  • Expands consciousness

About Cacao & Hapé

Ceremonial Cacao is distinct from cocoa or ordinary chocolate due to its unadulterated form, where nothing is added or removed during its cultivation and preparation. It is cultivated with great care to preserve its natural purity, ensuring a potent and authentic healing experience. This process involves specific rituals and intentions to honor the spirit of the cacao plant.

Hapé, also known as Rapéh or Shamanic Snuff, originates from indigenous tribes in Brazil, Katherine's native country. It is crafted from a blend of powdered tobacco leaves and various sacred plants or trees, which are meticulously prepared and blessed in ceremonial contexts. The powder is typically blown through a pipe through the nose in a ritualistic manner. The energetic properties of Hapé are believed to bring protection, clarity, and deep spiritual connection. It is used traditionally to clear mental clutter, open pathways for healing, and support meditative states.CLICK HERE, for demonstration of application.


Any Questions or Concerns?

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