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Private Ceremony with Sacred Medicine

Expand your Consciousness & Elevate your Vibration


Experience the gentle power of plant medicines in a safe and private ceremonial setting facilitated by Katherine, Spiritual Mentor & Teacher, Master Healer and Life Coach.


Katherine has been working with legally shamanic medicines for over three years with great devotion and respect. Hapé and Ceremonial Cacao are all about receiving love and expanding consciousness and always have a positive effect when administered with the right intention.

Recent research has shown the endless benefits of plant medicines and how they can help treat many health conditions and improve well-being. Learn more about Plant Medicines HERE



Ceremonial Cacao & Hapé Journey - 2 hr

A deeply relaxing and nourishing experience to help you go out of your head and into your heart and soul.


Ceremonial Cacao opens the heart for healing, and Hapé immediately takes you to a higher level of consciousness without altering your perception.

This Private Ceremony Includes Ceremonial Cacao, Sacred Hapé, Sound Healing Journey, Spiritual Guidance, Energy Reading & Cleansing, and Aromatherapy.

Elevate your vibration


$368 (plus tax)


(with an additional $88 per extra person)


Some Benefits of Sacred Medicines

  • Enhances heart opening and healing.

  • Removes emotional and mental blockages.

  • Calms a restless mind.

  • Raises overall vibration.

  • Improves focus and clarity.

  • Balances emotional states.

  • Expands consciousness.

About Cacao & Hapé

Ceremonial Cacao is NOT the same as cocoa or conventional chocolate. It is cacao in its pure form (nothing added or removed) and is carefully cultivated to create a healing experience.


Hapé, also known as Rapéh or Shamanic Snuff, is an ancient medicine used to clear your mind, helping to silence the busy mind and bring peace and clarity. It is a plant medicine made by tribes in Brazil, Katherine's home country. It is a powder that looks like ash from tobacco leaves and sacred trees. The energy of sacred Hapé brings protection and connection, removes blockages, and promotes healing. For a session demonstration with Hapé, CLICK HERE


Any Questions or Concerns?

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