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5 Reasons Why Your Manifestation is NOT working and How to Manifest Your Soul's Desires

Have you ever wondered why your manifestations are not working?

I've certainly asked myself this question several times until I realized I was manifesting the wrong things.

When we think of manifestation, we often think of money, soulmates, and new opportunities. Although we deserve to have it ALL, it’s essential to understand WHY we want those things in the first place.

If money, for example, is what you want, it's crucial that you understand WHY you want more money. How will money make you feel? Are you trying to cover something up with money?

The truth is that we often manifest based on external factors, scarcity, and fear. And although you can manifest money this way, it is NOT tied to true abundance.

True abundance only happens when you align your manifestations with your soul’s desires, NOT with fear or lack. If money is what your soul needs to fulfill its purpose, it will flow abundantly into your life. But if it’s not what you NEED, you’re manifesting the wrong thing.

The simplest way to discover your soul’s desire is to become aware of all your feelings and emotions. Knowing that your light and shadow are equally important. To get to your soul’s desire, you MUST embrace your shadow, which is where the light is hidden.

I am passionate about guiding my clients through this self-awareness journey. And today, I invite you to try a quick centering practice to discover and manifest your soul’s desire.

Put on some background music, light a candle, and go within. Center yourself within your heart and feel and embrace any feelings (both good and “bad”) that may arise. When you feel more relaxed and calmer, ask yourself: What does my soul long to experience next?
Keep asking this question until you narrow it down to a feeling like inner peace, love, freedom, or happiness.

Your soul yearns for positive feelings and emotions. The things you WANT are just the vessel to get you there.

When you manifest what your soul desires, the other things – money, people, and opportunities- effortlessly come with it.

Remember, the Universe is abundant, and you deserve ALL you desire.

Just make sure you know WHAT you truly desire so you only attract things that align with your soul’s journey instead of attracting more “junk” and distractions into your life.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Your Manifestation is NOT working and How to Make it Right:

1. Lack of Clarity: Clarity and specificity are crucial when it comes to manifesting. If you're not clear about what you want or if your desires are vague, it can be challenging for the universe to respond accordingly. Take the time to define your goals and intentions with as much detail as possible.

2. Limited Beliefs: Our beliefs and mindset play a significant role in the manifestation process. If you hold limiting beliefs or doubts about your ability to manifest what you desire, it can create resistance and block the flow of abundance. Work on identifying and transforming any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

3. Lack of Alignment: Manifestation is not just about visualizing or affirming what you want; it also requires alignment with your desires on an energetic level. Make sure your thoughts, emotions, actions, and beliefs are in alignment with the manifestation you seek. This includes cultivating positive emotions, practicing gratitude, and taking inspired action toward your goals.

4. Impatience and Attachment: Manifestation often requires patience and trust in the process. Being overly attached to the outcome or constantly checking for results can create resistance and block the natural flow of manifestation. Practice surrendering and allowing the universe to work in its own timing.

5. Self-Sabotage: Sometimes, subconscious patterns or self-sabotaging behaviors can hinder manifestation. Reflect on any patterns or behaviors that may be undermining your efforts. It can be helpful to work on personal growth, and self-love, and address any underlying emotional or psychological blocks that may be present.

"You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside." – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Remember that manifestation is a practice, and it can take time and consistent effort. It's important to approach it with a positive mindset, patience, and a willingness to grow and evolve. If you're still facing challenges, you may also consider seeking guidance from a mentor who can provide personalized support and strategies.

Click Here to find heart-centered support and more resources to help overcome your challenges and unlock your's soul's desires.

Light & Love,

Katherine 🌷 Life Purpose Expert & Empowerment Mentor


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