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Upcoming Events

Join our Wisdom Circle Under the Full Moon, where we gather virtually to honor the powerful energy of the Full Moon and gain insights on emotional release, self-awareness, and letting go.

Through reflection and guided meditation, we will explore our inner landscape, gaining insight into our emotions, thoughts, and patterns as we connect with the wisdom of the full moon in Virgo - the sign of the Goddess. This Full Moon is an opportunity to tune into your divine feminine power and embrace the notion that you are enough.

We will set intentions for emotional release and surrender, inviting you to let go of anything that no longer serves your highest good and the goddess within.

Whether you are seeking healing from past wounds, or simply a moment of reflection and renewal, our Wisdom Circle offers a sacred space for you to honor your emotions, connect with your inner wisdom, and embrace the magic of the full moon.


Join us under the feminine light of the Virge Full Moon for an enlightening journey.

You'll receive a link to join us after registration.

All participants must sign up. 

Cacao Healing Circle

with Sound Healing, Chants & Live Music

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You’re invited for an intimate gathering designed to uplift your spirit, cultivate emotional healing, and amplify your intentions. Let's come together as a community to support and uplift one another.


Together, we will embark on a journey of inner exploration and emotional release guided by sacred cacao and the soothing sounds of instruments and chants.


Sacred cacao opens our hearts and takes us into the depths of our being, releasing what no longer serves us and inviting us into love, joy, and harmony. The vibrations of sound healing help clear energetic blockages and facilitate deep healing on a cellular level.


You will also experience the power of collective energy through shared chants and live music by a special guest.


Join us in this immersive journey to nurture your body, mind, and soul.


6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

At StarSeed’s Healing Oasis in Kaimukī, Honolulu

Early Registration: $38 

Until March 11 | Limited Seats 

Regular Ticket: $48​

More Details will be provided via email after registration

CANCELATION POLICY: If you're unable to attend the event, you can transfer your ticket to a friend or use the balance towards another event or a private session within 3 months.

Aloha, I’m Katherine!

Life Purpose Expect & Empowerment Mentor 



Your guide, Katherine Coelho, is an experienced Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor & Teacher, and Master Healer. Her greatest passion lies in sharing her life experience and knowledge about personal development and spirituality using her intuitive and practical approach to teaching. Whether through retreats, coaching, or healing sessions, Katherine is dedicated to inspiring others to cultivate self-awareness and discover greater purpose in their lives.

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