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3 Full Moon Rituals to Help you Release, Reflect and Refine your Visions

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

The light of the full moon illuminates not only the night sky but also your inner world, bringing suppressed emotions, negative feelings, and old memories to the surface.

The full moon invites you to look at what was neglected or hidden during the past lunar cycle(s). As your "dark side" comes to the surface, the moonlight empowers you to release what is no longer serving you.

In this post, I share my Favorite Full Moon Rituals to Help you Release, Reflect and Refine your Vision. Keep reading to feel inspired to create a magical ritual at home.

How to Setup your Space

  • Create a peaceful environment, whether that is sitting in your favorite meditation space, a spot in your backyard, or your bedroom.

  • Smudge the space by burning sacred herbs such as sage and palo santo to help you purify and redirect the energy of your space.

  • Make the space comfortable with cushions and a blanket if needed.

  • Grab your favorite sacred objects, such as crystals, journals, and essential oils.

  • Light a candle to set an intention for the ritual and incense to create an atmosphere.

Extra TIP: An altar generally includes the four main elements of nature – Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. Plants, crystals, moon water, and incense are perfect objects for bringing the four elements to an altar.


1. Center yourself inside your heart, and write out everything you want to say goodbye. Old memories, feelings, limiting beliefs, and unhealed trauma is very common to arise during the full moon. When you're done writing, burn the paper or say a prayer to help release the energy.

2. Charge water and crystals under the moonlight by simply placing them outside and intuitively asking the moon to infuse them with what you need to release, such as blockages and limitations.

Tip: Don't set new intentions during the Full Moon; instead, focus on creating space for the next New Moon.

3. Meditation is a powerful practice to help you receive and integrate the energy of the Full Moon. You can use guided meditations, background music, breathwork, or simply silence.

There is a powerful guided meditation for you to use:

In this guided meditation, I guide you on a beautiful journey to Release, Reflect and Refine your Visions.

CLICK HERE and get ready to release suppressed emotions, negative feelings, and old memories using the powerful affirmations in this meditation.

You can listen to this meditation as often as you wish, preferably during the Full Moon, for additional healing.


I truly hope that this post inspired you to create a magical Full Moon Ritual at home.

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Sending you Love and Aloha from Hawaii.

Much love,

Katherine 🌷

Soul Mentor & Spiritual Teacher

Honolulu, Hawaii


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