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Spiritual Mentorship

Dive into Clear Guidance & Heart-Centered Support

If you are feeling lost or confused in any area of life, Katherine can help you gain more clarity on your path and expand your consciousness to new opportunities and solutions.

During this session, you will receive guidance from a higher perspective to help you overcome any challenges, self-doubt, and fears that might be preventing you from achieving your goals and unleashing your full potential.


This journey includes mentorship, coaching from a spiritual approach, and intuitive healing, as needed.

An experience to nourish your soul and give you the confidence you need to take the next step toward your dreams.


Your Journey Includes:

- 90-min Spiritual Guidance Session via Zoom

- Mentorship & Healing 

- Journey into Your Soul

- Two-Card Reading

Plus the following, as needed:

- Mindset Downloads & Activations 

- Energy Clearing & Intuitive Healing 

Book Your Session

90-Min Spiritual Mentorship Session  

Guidance and coaching from a spiritual approach with intuitive healing.

$188 - First Session
$144 - Current Clients


3-Month Spiritual Mentorship Program  

One 90 min session per month.

Plus a customized guide with elements and practices to help you embrace new beginnings after your 3-month spiritual journey.

$438 - Mentorship


“I cannot stop saying thank you for what we achieved at my day retreat (…), an experience that changed my perspective on life. I felt at the end was truly a life-changing experience for me. I was at my lowest mentally, having meltdowns like a baby from the stresses of my job and life. Doing this retreat has set me on the right course to regain my peace and happiness.”

Queeney Ju

Are you looking for an in-person experience in Hawaii?

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