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Achieve your Goals without Sacrificing your Personal Life

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

I'm about to share a vulnerable part of me that I’ve inhered from my mother’s family.

The dictionary defines a workaholic as a person who compulsively works hard and long hours. And it perfectly illustrates a part of me.

Although I’m highly productive and get most of my projects from paper into the world, I’ve lost interest in other activities and constantly experience burnout. Such a high price tag that I’m no longer willing to pay.

This pattern of workaholic has been with my family for many generations, but I only noticed it when I began to pursue my soul’s purpose.

The more I tapped into my purpose, the more I worked. Certainly, all my efforts allowed me to go from being a corporate auditor to becoming a successful entrepreneur in less than two years.

Yes! I’m proud of myself for doing it. But I’ve grown and learned many lessons since then. Now, I know pursuing our purpose in life and achieving goals without sacrificing our personal lives is possible. But I’m still integrating this lesson.

Last week I shared on my stories on Instagram a pattern I had inhered from my family. This is a reminder that limited beliefs and old patterns pass from generation to generation. And that we can release these patterns so that future generate can inhere a healed version of them.

Today, sometime else came. I realized I’ve also inhered my mother’s biggest dream—another reminder of how we’re interconnected with our family. Since I was a little girl, I have heard my mother talking about writing a book on her stories and inspirations.

Although dormant for a long time, a part of me also whispered the same inner desire. When I began to meditate daily, this whisper got louder. But I couldn’t get the bigger picture until I went to Egypt.

Egypt has changed my life. It allowed my consciousness to embody my true soul purpose. It was time for me to begin writing my first book. Although that sounded crazy, I couldn’t ignore the feelings of safety and love that came with it.

When I returned to Hawaii, the Universe began to guide my path. Effortlessly, it brought everything I needed to start my journey as a writer, including a membership with Hay House publishing to learn how to put a book together and the opportunity to enter a contest to win a contract with one of the best publishers for spiritual books in the world.

And guess what? I’ve accepted the challenge to enter Hay House’s contest. And since then, my life has gone to another level of awareness and healing. I’m living in complete alignment with my soul and the Universe because I dared to listen to the “crazy” whispers of my soul.

And that’s exactly what my book is about.

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Light & Love,


Soul Mentor, Spiritual Teacher & Aspiring Author


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