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Save your spot on the waitlist for the Soul Calling Journey

My totally NEW program that will help you live a life of Purpose, Fulfillment and Joy


You'll learn my life-changing secrets, including: 


  • Principles of Manifestation

  • Mastering Success through Soul Wisdom

  • Discovering Hidden Gifts and Embracing the Shadows

+ much more

Get ready to develop powerful skills!


Being on the waitlist means you get VIP access to join course AND get a major discount + a free Meditation Course

Plus, you’ll get a super special, waitlisters-only bonus that I’ll tell you more about as I continue to create this amazing journey.


After nearly 10 years in the corporate world, I can finally follow my heart and soul full-time. I managed to create a successful wellness practice in 1 year; and I feel inspired to share this wisdom with you because I truly believe that you DESERVE the same – TO BE SUCCESSFUL AND FULFILLED.


with love,


Soul & Business Mentor

What Students Say

"I love Katherine's approach to everything she does with love, light, and authenticity. Even her distance healing on IGTV has been immensely helpful when I'm going through a bad day. It's rare to find such an amazing, genuine healer who loves sharing her wisdom and gifts with us. Thank you for all that you do, Katherine!."
Emmy Farkiya
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