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Corporate Wellness Journeys & Retreats 

by Katherine Pereira

StarSeed's Founder | Former Auditor & Accountant 

Staff Meeting

  Give your team the gift of Support, self-development & relaxation 

After nearly 10 years in the corporate world, StarSeed founder, Katherine Pereira was inspired to create a wellness practice in Honolulu, HI.


StarSeed brings an integrative approach to wellness by incorporating coaching techniques, energy healing practices, and Katherine’s deep understanding of the corporate environment into thoughtful and elegant experiences for individuals and organizations. 

Many talented professionals are struggling to find work-life balance nowadays. According to a survey conducted by Deloitte, 77% of professionals have experienced burnout at their current job.


StarSeed has helped nearly 400 individuals in its 1st year, and our mission is to help more corporate professionals succeed in all areas of life.


Many of our clients have higher education and well-established careers, but they haven't accomplish essential milestones: happiness and self-fulfillment, either because they were stressed, burned out, unmotivated and/or unsatisfied with their career or organization.


By empowering our clients to live a life free from stress, anxiety and negativity, they become more productive, optimist, and happier.


Give your team the gift of support, self-development and relaxation TODAY!

Our Corporate Wellness Journeys are led by StarSeed Founder, Katherine Pereira. For questions, availability, or a fee inquiry:

Choose the Perfect Experience for your Team

Availability: at your Office | Our Healing Oasis in Honolulu | Oahu Beach/Park | via Zoom



Creating a Stress-Free Workplace

(Duration: 90-min)

Aim to help staff members and management find the source of stress, empower them to take control over their body, mind & soul, and teach them simple practices to reduce stress. Sound healing is a perfect addition to this experience, but not required.

 Healing Journey 

Sound Healing Meditation 

(Duration: 30 - 60-min

A very gentle sound meditation using crystal healing bowls, energy frequencies, and aromatherapy. This experience is perfect for beginners. 

About Sound Healing Therapy: one of the top wellness trends now. It has been practiced for thousands of years to realign the body's vibration, and improve mental health issues and emotional wellbeing. Some of the most highly reported benefits of sound healing include:

•  Reduced stress

•  Fewer mood swings

•  Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels

•  Better pain management

•  Improved sleep



Custom Workshop 

(Duration: 60 - 180min)

Address the challenges of your team by empowering them with a theme of your choice.  

Need ideas?

• How to create a work-life lifestyle 

• The art of manifesting and attracting abundance

• Life-changing habits

• Healthy work-life balance

• Awakening creativity through Intuitive Painting (hands-on workshop)

• A beginner's guide to meditation

• Dealing with change and uncertainty

Or, choose any other topic that best suits the needs of your organization.

 Popular Workshop

Unleash your Full Potential 

(Duration: 3hrs)

Many of us are going through a transformational process that is asking us to change paths, start new businesses that are more aligned with our hearts, and serve others in a more meaningful way.

This workshop covers:

• What is my Soul Purpose?

• How to Live a Soul-Driven Life

• Difference Between the Ego Mind & Intuition 

• How to Listen to your Heart and Intuition and Achieve your Goals 


Employee Appreciation Retreat

Treat your team with our Signature 1-Day Corporate Retreat. This is the optimal experience for staff members and management to relax, detach from their busy lives, and have fun


Customize your Corporate Retreat with: 

Sound Healing, Guided Meditations, Workshops, Aromatherapy, Group Reiki Healing, Intuitive Painting Class, Yoga, Self-Care Practices, Plant-based Lunch & Snacks, and MUCH MORE

It would be our honor and privilege to create a thoughtful & elegant experience for your organization

Our Corporate Wellness Journeys are led by StarSeed Founder, Katherine Pereira. For questions, availability, or a fee inquiry:

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